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Using the comma in English – a Quick English guide

English is difficult (and weird) - and English writing is especially difficult. Using the comma in English can be especially difficult for English speakers and for English learners. In our
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ielts writing task 1

IELTS Writing Task 1: How to Succeed

One test. 150 words, 20 minutes: the IELTS Writing Task 1 test is not only difficult, but very important for you. How can you do the best you can, and
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ielts writing part 1 vocabulary

IELTS Writing Part 1 Vocabulary: Describing a Graph

There are many ways to improve your IELTS score, but vocabulary is probably the most important. However, it's also the most difficult. How can you learn all of the words
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ielts writing part 1 sample answer

IELTS Writing Part 1 sample answer – How to Get 9.0

Welcome to English42's IELTS Writing tutorial! Here, you can find an IELTS Writing Part 1 sample answer, and understand why it deserves a score of 9.0. After this, you can
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English Idioms: 4 Winter Idioms to warm you up

When the cold weather arrives, all you want to do is put on some warm clothes and stay inside. But we have been inspired! Today, in the middle of our winter, we
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future tense in english

Using the future tense in English

In our newest Quick English video lesson, we teach a very important subject: how to use the future tense in English. Why is this so important? The future tense is
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past tense in english

Using the past tense in English

Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing: they can all be difficult in English. To be a good English communicator, you must to all 4 of them. And you in all 4 of
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ielts writing task 1 process

A recipe in English & IELTS Writing Task 1 process

Today's English lesson and quiz is perfect for many students. We'll show you how to cook in English! By doing so, we'll help you to improve your English writing. We'll help
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how to improve your writing

How to Improve Your Writing (the easy way)

If you want to know how to improve your writing skills in English, we have a quick video which will teach you. At English42, we have been helping people to improve
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ielts writing graph

Succeed in an IELTS Writing graph with 7 New Words

Whether you love or hate IELTS Writing (most people hate it), there is one part of the test which can be quite simple and easy to manage: the IELTS Writing
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Using “a”, “an” & “the”: articles, English grammar and computers

Words like "a", "an" and "the" are called articles in English. They can be very difficult for some students. If you're from a country that speaks Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Korean
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Building complex sentences

Some time ago, we posted an interesting question on our Facebook page. Take a look and see if you can complete the short exercise. (answers are below) Here are the
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