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podcasts for english learning

Podcasts for English Learning: The Top 5

When it comes to improving your English, there's nothing better than listening to the language in real life. Podcasts are perfect for this, and today we will tell you about
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ielts writing part 1 vocabulary

IELTS Writing Part 1 Vocabulary: Describing a Graph

There are many ways to improve your IELTS score, but vocabulary is probably the most important. However, it's also the most difficult. How can you learn all of the words
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English Idioms: 4 Winter Idioms to warm you up

When the cold weather arrives, all you want to do is put on some warm clothes and stay inside. But we have been inspired! Today, in the middle of our winter, we
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english adverbs adjectives

Using English adverbs with adjectives

When you're speaking (or writing) in English you always have a choice: keep it simple, or try to be more descriptive. By using English adverbs with adjectives, you can make
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7 English idioms to express likes & dislikes – 7 New Words

For our newest set of English idioms, we have some simple phrases that everyone can use! Here, you can learn English idioms which English speakers (and English learners) use all the
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cae use of english part 1

The Trouble with Working in a Bank (CAE Use of English Part 1)

Working in a bank can cause serious problems, as we learn in our short Advanced English grammar & vocabulary test. This exercise is perfect practice if you are looking for a
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ielts writing task 1 process

A recipe in English & IELTS Writing Task 1 process

Today's English lesson and quiz is perfect for many students. We'll show you how to cook in English! By doing so, we'll help you to improve your English writing. We'll help
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english pronunciation online

The 1 Sound You Need to Improve Your English Pronunciation Online

If you're interested in improving your English pronunciation online, then let us help you with a free lesson and an interactive game! Today, we'll show you the secret to pronouncing English
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fce reading part 7 practice

Why Don’t Women Code? (FCE Reading Part 7 Practice)

This is an activity for FCE Reading Part 7 practice - but it's important reading for anyone who is studying English, is interested in computers, or in gender equality!  At
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how to improve your writing

How to Improve Your Writing (the easy way)

If you want to know how to improve your writing skills in English, we have a quick video which will teach you. At English42, we have been helping people to improve
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english phrasal verbs

Quick English: phrasal verbs with “kick”

On our Facebook page today, we asked our fans for 4 English phrasal verbs. See if you can get the answers... Ready for the answers? Scroll to the bottom of this
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study sports english

Study sports in English – phrasal verbs

If you love sports and you're learning English, then you've come to the right place. Using our sports-related phrasal verbs you can mix the two and study sports in English! Let's
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