Our new series #7NewWords has arrived, just in time for the new Game of Thrones series to begin. Soon, everyone will be talking about this popular TV series, and most of those conversations will be in English as people share their thoughts online, through social media, and face-to-face.

So, could you chat in English about Game of Thrones? Do you have the vocabulary you need?

Fantasy’s unique words

Like any other fantasy story, Game of Thrones has lots of strange and unique words. Say “white walker” or “Dornish” to somebody who doesn’t know the TV series and they’ll look at you in total confusion!
Nevertheless, there are many other words which you’ll need to use a lot if you talk about Game of Thrones, and these words are regular English words. You can use them in day-to-day English, to talk about other subjects.

We asked our fans, our students and our colleagues to give us the most popular, interesting words from this TV series. Everybody disagreed on the best 7 words! However, there were some great suggestions, and we have chosen the best ones. If there are other words missing, why not tell us? Who knows? Maybe we’ll do another list!

7 New Words: Game of Thrones

So, get ready for the first in our 7 New Words series. Here are 7 words which you’ll need in a conversation about Game of Thrones. Click on the picture to download it. Keep it, learn it and use these words in your next conversation!

Game of Thrones WS

Next in our series

What should we cover next in our 7 New Words series? What subject would you like to know more vocabulary about? Send us a Tweet or contact us with your ideas!

Also, try our Quick English section for more vocabulary. Like 7 New Words, it’s perfect if you have only a little time to learn some useful, interesting English grammar or vocabulary.