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English Idioms: 4 Winter Idioms to warm you up

When the cold weather arrives, all you want to do is put on some warm clothes and stay inside. But we have been inspired! Today, in the middle of our winter, we
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future tense in english

Using the future tense in English

In our newest Quick English video lesson, we teach a very important subject: how to use the future tense in English. Why is this so important? The future tense is
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english adverbs adjectives

Using English adverbs with adjectives

When you're speaking (or writing) in English you always have a choice: keep it simple, or try to be more descriptive. By using English adverbs with adjectives, you can make
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past tense in english

Using the past tense in English

Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing: they can all be difficult in English. To be a good English communicator, you must to all 4 of them. And you in all 4 of
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english pronunciation online

The 1 Sound You Need to Improve Your English Pronunciation Online

If you're interested in improving your English pronunciation online, then let us help you with a free lesson and an interactive game! Today, we'll show you the secret to pronouncing English
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english tongue twisters

Improve Your Pronunciation with English Tongue Twisters

Welcome to the strange world of English tongue twisters! In this post, we'll tell you what a tongue twister is and why you can use it to really improve your
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american english vs british english

Quick English: American English vs British English (pronunciation)

American English vs British English - what's the difference? Well, there are 3 main ways that these groups of English speakers disagree. American English vs British English 1: words First, vocabulary. Some
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Quick English: Pronouncing “ear”

English pronunciation has some very same strange rules, especially when we think about English pronunciation vs English spelling. (think of could, or handsome). We've published some help with this on our Facebook page but
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Using “a”, “an” & “the”: articles, English grammar and computers

Words like "a", "an" and "the" are called articles in English. They can be very difficult for some students. If you're from a country that speaks Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Korean
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english phrasal verbs quiz

English phrasal verbs quiz – phrasal verbs with GET

Phrasal verbs can be the most difficult part of English - and also the most fun! With our English phrasal verbs quiz, you can perfect some new vocabulary in just 5
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Fashion speaking in English

Here at English42, there are 2 things we love: fashion and English. We love how clothes fit together and how sentences fit together. In our quiz today, you can find
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Quick English: 3-word English phrases

English doesn't have to be complicated. You don't always need to speak in long, advanced sentences. When you're chatting in English, you can sometimes use very short phrases to say something
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