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Free IELTS Listening Lesson – The 3 Cs

Free IELTS Listening lesson - The 3 Cs If you're new to IELTS, or you want to improve your Listening skills, this free IELTS Listening lesson is a great place
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Funniest Cards Against Humanity combinations

At English42 we are great lovers of how language works - especially, of course, English. So we spend a lot of time showing our students how sentences are made. Basically,
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english adverbs adjectives

Using English adverbs with adjectives

When you're speaking (or writing) in English you always have a choice: keep it simple, or try to be more descriptive. By using English adverbs with adjectives, you can make
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7 English idioms to express likes & dislikes – 7 New Words

For our newest set of English idioms, we have some simple phrases that everyone can use! Here, you can learn English idioms which English speakers (and English learners) use all the
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past tense in english

Using the past tense in English

Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing: they can all be difficult in English. To be a good English communicator, you must to all 4 of them. And you in all 4 of
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english tongue twisters

Improve Your Pronunciation with English Tongue Twisters

Welcome to the strange world of English tongue twisters! In this post, we'll tell you what a tongue twister is and why you can use it to really improve your
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learn english football

Learn English Football Vocabulary – 7 New Words

When it comes to vocabulary, we at English42 have a philosophy: start studying what  you know, and what you love. In the middle of the Euro 2016 tournament, many English
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business english idioms

Business English idioms with “pocket”

Welcome to today's Quick English post, where we will discover 4 new business English idioms and help you improve your vocabulary, making you sound more like a natural English speaker.
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business english idioms

Business English idioms – 7 New Words

Meetings can be strange .People talk for a long time, there can be a lot of unnecessary information - and conference calls? Forget about them. Even for native English speakers,
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Game of Thrones English new words

Talk in English about…Game of Thrones – 7 New Words

Our new series #7NewWords has arrived, just in time for the new Game of Thrones series to begin. Soon, everyone will be talking about this popular TV series, and most
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Quick English: Vocabulary – Words with Different Meanings

English is a funny language, as we know. What other language has such a strange spelling system, different pronunciations for the same letters - and different meanings for the same words?
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Quick English: Pronouncing “ear”

English pronunciation has some very same strange rules, especially when we think about English pronunciation vs English spelling. (think of could, or handsome). We've published some help with this on our Facebook page but
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