English pronunciation has some very same strange rules, especially when we think about English pronunciation vs English spelling. (think of could, or handsome). We’ve published some help with this on our Facebook page but there is so much more to say about this!

Also on our Facebook page, recently we posted an interesting question:
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2 of the sounds in colour are pronounced in the same way, but the rest are different.Which 2 are the same? And how do you say this difficult sentence? Find out at https://www.english42.com/?p=5667

Posted by English42 on Friday, 5 February 2016

The correct answer is that the 3 letters ear are pronounced the same in learn and in earth – but they’re pronounced completely differently in the other words.

Confused? Don’t worry – it is confusing!
But we’re here to help.
Here, you can see a pronunciation chart demonstrating the 3 different pronunciations of ear. We have added other words to each sound which don’t have “ear” just to show you how the pronunciation is the same. (remember that photo album we showed you earlier!)
Click on the chart to go to a much bigger version of it. You can download it for free!

Demo FINAL cropped

Now why not listen to the sounds? Let’s try the tongue-twister first, and then the words in each sound.

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