Before we begin our free exercise to help you practice FCE Listening Part 2, we should warn you: this post is not for the squeamish! Let us explain the meaning of that word…

practice fce listening part 2

You will see an interesting video, full of serious academic content, fluent English and informative facts. But it will also have creepy crawlies and ugly animals. If you are not comfortable talking about bodies or death in a scientific way, then perhaps you should stop here. (Why not try a different Listening / Exam English quiz?)

FCE Listening Part 2 – introduction

Still here? Great – let’s continue!

The wonderful people at PBS in America made a Hallowe’en video to scare and educate people around the world! Also, it’s perfect for intermediate or FCE students to practice listening skills. You will hear lots of information and you’ll have to keep up! This means understanding a lot of what is being said, and completing a summary of it.

But don’t panic. This practice FCE Listening Part 2 exercise is the same as the actual exercise in the exam: it is divided into short sentences which you must complete with information from the video. These sentences appear in the same order as the information in the video. In other words, you will hear the answer for number 1 before the answer for number 2, and so on.

So, if creepy-crawlies haven’t scared you away, and if you’re brave enough to try the exercise, let’s go!

Practice FCE Listening Part 2

Here’s the video. Below the video, click on Start Quiz and you’ll see questions. Listen to the video and try to answer the questions. When you’re finished, you can see your score. We’ll also show you the correct answers, and we’ll explain them. Good luck!


Play the video, listen (you don’t need to watch).
Fill in each gap ([1][10]) with information you hear from the video. Be as accurate as possible (with words and spelling).
After the quiz, we’ll give you a score, and you can understand each answer.