When it comes to vocabulary, we at English42 have a philosophy: start studying what  you know, and what you love. In the middle of the Euro 2016 tournament, many English and non-English speakers are talking about football. So, if you want to learn English football vocabulary, then here is a good place to start.

First of all, how well do you know this sport in English? Could you have a conversation with a fluent English speaker about a recent football match, or a large tournament like the Premiership, the Euros or the World Cup? If your answer is “no”, then you should probably study a little vocabulary.

7 New Words – Learn English Football vocabulary

In our #7NewWords series, we give the most important and interesting words in a subject so English learners (like you!) can begin to understand these subjects in English, and talk about them. We have discussed subjects like Game of Thrones, and we have offered interesting Business-English idioms. Now, for football fans, here is a free list of interesting words for you to download, keep, practice and use!

learn english football

Click on the picture and you can download it for free!

Next steps

So what next? If you want to continue to learn English football vocabulary, there are many ways to do this – and they’re (mostly) fun.
For example, why not try reading about football on sports news websites? The BBC Sport website is a great place to find real English reports on important football matches. Take time to read a full article and use a dictionary to find words and phrases you don’t understand.
The next step might be to watch a football game with English commentary. This will be difficult and long, but it will definitely be worth it!

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