At English42 we are great lovers of how language works – especially, of course, English. So we spend a lot of time showing our students how sentences are made. Basically, a sentence can be short or long but, if it has the correct structure, it can be very effective. This is why we are huge fans of a game called “Cards Against Humanity”. With some of the funniest Cards Against Humanity results, we’re going to show you how sentences with clever structures can also be hilarious.

How to play Cards Against Humanity

Firstly, what is “Cards Against Humanity”, and how do you play it? Well, we could explain it if you like, but we think we will ask Ellen DeGeneres and friends to explain…

So, the idea of the game is to finish or complete a sentence. One person has the sentence on the black card. Then, the other players use the nouns and phrases on their white cards to complete the sentence in the funniest way possible. In the end, the person with the black card decides which result is the funniest.

As you can see, some of the combinations on Ellen’s show were pretty funny. But we have trawled through the internet to bring you the 14 funniest Cards Against Humanity results.

The 14 Funniest Cards Against Humanity Combinations

A big problem many people face with Cards Against Humanity is that every combination is funny. And you can only choose one!

OH, what a night…#CAH

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Celebrities are often featured, and they can make some great jokes!

Just some of the fun from last night. #cardsagainsthumanity #morganfreeman

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Literature also gets the unique treatment…

#CardsAgainstHumanity #CrabsAdjustHumidity #humor #funny #hilarious #cards #games

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Strangely, Mexican culture seems to create quite a lot of laughs. In fact, maybe this isn’t surprising, considering these strange times we’re living in…

But then again, white people and men get a hard time too, which is fair enough – and it shows the great equality of the game!

funniest cards against humanity

One of my winning hands on #cardsagainsthumanity

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But then the cards eventually become smutty. No subject is safe – puberty, pick-up lines and sex lives. And the results are, of course, predictably hilarious…

funniest cards against humanity
funniest cards against humanity
funniest cards against humanity
funniest cards against humanity

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