Free IELTS Listening lesson – The 3 Cs

If you’re new to IELTS, or you want to improve your Listening skills, this free IELTS Listening lesson is a great place to start. In this Quick English video English42 teacher Simon will take you through 3 simple pieces of advice to help you succeed in the IELTS Listening exam. These are called The 3 Cs.

Listen to the video, and then you can see how this works in an actual IELTS Listening test! Below the video, you’ll see a free IELTS Listening Part 1 exercise from the British Council. In this test, you can practice Simon’s advice, and see how it works in a real test!

Scroll down for an IELTS Listening practice test from the British Council…

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Free IELTS Listening practice - QUESTIONS

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Write no more than two words and/or a number for each answer.
free ielts listening


Complete the table below.
Write no more than one word and/or a number for each answer.

free ielts listening

Free IELTS Listening - ANSWER KEY

1. 9.30 (am)
2. Helendale
3. Central Street/St
4. (number/no./#) 792
5. 8.55 (am)
6. 1.80
7. 7.30
8. 7.15
9. commuter
10. afternoon

Free IELTS Listening practice - TRANSCRIPT

Here is a transcript of this listening exercise.
We have highlighted the correct answers in green.
Also, the “red herrings” are in red.
Lastly, prompts are in orange. These are words or phrases which tell you that the answer is coming soon

WOMAN: Good morning, Travellink – how can I help you?

MAN: Good morning. I live in Bayswater and I’d like to get to Harbour City tomorrow before 11am.

WOMAN: Well, to get to Bayswater

MAN: No, no – I live in Bayswater. My destination is Harbour City.

WOMAN: Oh sorry. Right, so that’s Bayswater to Harbour City. Are you planning to travel by bus or train?

MAN: I don’t mind really. Whichever option is faster, I suppose.

WOMAN: Well, if you catch a railway express, they’ll get you there in under an hour. Let’s see…yes, if you can make the 9.30am express, I’d recommend you do that.

MAN: Great. Which station does that leave from?

WOMAN: Helendale is the nearest train station to you.

MAN: Did you say Helensvale?

WOMAN: No – Helendale. That’s H – E – L – E – N – D – A – L – E

MAN: What’s the best way to get to the Helendale station, then?

WOMAN: Well, hang on a minute while I look into that…Now, it seems to me you have two options.
Option one would be to take the 7.06 bus from Bayswater Shopping Center to Central Street. When you get there, you transfer to another bus, which will take you to the station.
Or the second option if you don’t mind walking a couple of kilometers, is to go directly to Central Street and get straight on the bus going to the train station.

MAN: OK, which bus is that?

WOMAN: The 792 will take you to the station.

MAN: I guess the walk will be good for me so that might be the better option. What time do I catch the 792?

WOMAN: There are two buses that should get you to the station on time: one just before 9 o’clock and one just after. But look – at that time of the morning it might be better to take the earlier one, just in case there’s a traffic jam or something. The 8.55 is probably safer than the 9.05.

MAN: Yeah, I don’t want to miss the train so I’ll be sure to get on the five-to-nine bus.


MAN: By the way, how much will I have to pay in fares?

WOMAN: Well, you can get a ticket on the bus for one dollar eighty cash, and you’ll need ten dollars each way for the train. Wait – do you have a Travel Link card?

MAN: No, but I can get one before tomorrow.

WOMAN: OK, well that’ll make it considerably cheaper, then. The bus will cost one dollar fifty each way, and the train will be…the train to Harbour City will still cost ten dollars because you’ll be travelling during peak hours in the morning. So no savings there I’m afraid. However, if you could come back at an off-peak time

MAN: What does that mean?

WOMAN: Well, if you start your return journey before 5pm or later than half-past seven in the evening…

MAN: Actually, I wasn’t planning to come back until eight o’clock anyway.

WOMAN: Oh, in that case you can make quite a saving if you use a Travel Link card. You did say you were planning to purchase one, didn’t you?

MAN: Yes, I’ll pick one up later today.

WOMAN: Good. That would mean your return train journey would only cost you seven dollars fifteen with your card.

MAN: Thank you.

WOMAN: Is there anything else I can help you with?

MAN: Actually there is. Do you know if I can use the Travel Link card on ferries?

WOMAN: If you’re thinking of the Harbour City ferries that go back and forth between the north and south bank – those are the commuter ferries – then yes. A one-way trip costs four dollars fifty, but with your card you’d make a 20% saving, and only pay three dollars fifty-five.

MAN: So three dollars fifty-five for the commuter ferry. What about the tour boats?

WOMAN: You mean the tourist ferries that go up-river on sightseeing tours? No, they only take cash or credit card. They’re not part of the Travel Link company.

MAN: Oh, I see. I don’t suppose you know the cost of a tour?

WOMAN: In actual fact I do, because I took a friend on the trip up-river just last week. We decided on the afternoon tour, and that was thirty-five dollars each, but I understand that you can do the whole day for sixty-five dollars.

MAN: Thank you, you’ve been a great help.

WOMAN: My pleasure. Enjoy your day out!

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