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Have you written an important document, but you want to check if your English is OK? We can help with your CV / resume, cover letter, dissertation, thesis, business report, or anything else!

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English42 has been providing online advice about writing, grammar, vocabulary and other skills since 2013. We have helped many people around the world get the job, degree or qualification they wanted – and we can help you!
If you want to impress a new boss, graduate with a degree/masters, or apply for the next big step in your life, we can help you make this happen.

Are you wondering why there’s no price? Every document is different, and we want to give you a price which suits your document.
In general, we charge €25 for 1 hour’s work. A CV usually takes around 30 minutes to correct; a 10,000-word dissertation could take a few hours.

Fill in the information below and upload your document (or just upload part of your document). We’ll look at the document and write to you with a quote, and we can communicate with each other.
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