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fce reading practice

FCE Reading practice (Part 5) – “Politputze”

Welcome to English42's newest FCE Reading practice exercise. Here, you can test your FCE Reading skills for free and find lots more FCE Reading practice tests! In our Heroes collection
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practice fce reading part 7

Closing the gender gap (Practice FCE Reading Part 7)

 (This text was designed as a way to practice FCE Reading Part 7. Click here for a full list of questions and answers related to this text. Image by Gage Skidmore [CC BY
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fce reading part 6 practice

FCE Reading Part 6 practice: Celebrities’ Prized Possessions

This is a text which allows FCE (Cambridge exam) students to practice their reading exam skills. However, it's perfect for any English learner at an Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate or Advanced level. We
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practice fce listening part 2

Practice FCE Listening Part 2 – Creepy Beetles

Before we begin our free exercise to help you practice FCE Listening Part 2, we should warn you: this post is not for the squeamish! Let us explain the meaning of that word...
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fce listening part 4 practice

FCE Listening Part 4 practice: London Underground

Quiz @ English42 Practice Part 4 of the First Certificate (FCE) Listening test with our interesting dialogue about London Underground.
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Building complex sentences

Some time ago, we posted an interesting question on our Facebook page. Take a look and see if you can complete the short exercise. (answers are below) Here are the
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succeed when speaking english

5 Ways to Succeed When Speaking English

Most English learners love speaking, but a lot of people are terrified when they have to speak in a formal way. Unfortunately, most of us need to speak formally to
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English reading skills

Unlocking English: Reading Skills (skimming)

Let us give you a secret about reading in English… English reading skills: skimming When most English speakers see a newspaper article, an email or another long text, they will
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english reading skills

Unlocking English: Reading skills (scanning)

Reading in English. Many people dislike it. Some love it. Everyone agrees that it's hard work. But sometimes we need it - whether you're reading a message from a friend, analysing business documents in English,
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practice english reading

Practice English reading – scanning

We've been helping students to get better at reading English texts by using scanning (click here for the full, free, lesson). Here's a chance to put this important reading skill
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Adjectives in PET Writing, FCE & CAE Use of English

Adjectives are an important part of the English language: knowing different adjectives and how to use them is a true test of your English. Therefore, they appear in almost every
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fce reading part 6

FCE Reading Part 6 – succeed with the chain method

Reading in an FCE exam is a scary exercise. There are many things to remember, and sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. However, FCE Reading Part 6 is different. There is a simple
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