How well can you talk about money in English? Are you a banker or a beggar? A shopper or a stopper? In our “7 New Words” series, we explained how money is one of the most important parts of English vocabulary these days. With this English vocabulary quiz on money we’re giving you the chance to test yourself on the subject of money.

The English language has created a lot of different words to describe what we do with money. Words like “pay”, “cost” and “spend” have helped English speakers to build empires and spread capitalism around the world. (for better or worse!)
Knowing the difference between these words is important to succeeding in English – as a businessperson, a shopper, a tourist or simply as a human being.

Remember: if you’re not feeling ready to test out your knowledge yet, we have a blog (“Money Makes The World Go Round“) which gives you all the information you need. Good luck!

Choose the correct verb for each sentence. You can use each verb just 1 time – so choose carefully!