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english pronunciation online

The 1 Sound You Need to Improve Your English Pronunciation Online

If you're interested in improving your English pronunciation online, then let us help you with a free lesson and an interactive game! Today, we'll show you the secret to pronouncing English
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Quick English: Vocabulary – Words with Different Meanings

English is a funny language, as we know. What other language has such a strange spelling system, different pronunciations for the same letters - and different meanings for the same words?
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Stop Saying “Nice”

"Nice" is such a boring word - but we use it in English all the time! Look at these sentences for example: "I met a guy yesterday. He was nice.
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Using “a”, “an” & “the”: articles, English grammar and computers

Words like "a", "an" and "the" are called articles in English. They can be very difficult for some students. If you're from a country that speaks Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Korean
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What’s a Phrasal Verb? (Lesson @ English42)

If you want to GET AHEAD in English, you’ll need to BRUSH UP on your phrasal verbs! Do you know what we mean? LISTEN UP and READ ON as we
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Weekend Plans (the future tense in English)

What will you do this weekend? What are you going to do, and what are you doing? Why do we use future tenses? It's not just to talk about the
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english phrasal verbs quiz

English phrasal verbs quiz – phrasal verbs with GET

Phrasal verbs can be the most difficult part of English - and also the most fun! With our English phrasal verbs quiz, you can perfect some new vocabulary in just 5
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Quick English: Vocabulary of Time

Here are 7 words which everybody needs in English (like these ones). We use these words to talk about time in English. With the numbers, we hope, you will understand the
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An amazing story – with English prepositions

Prepositions are really difficult - even for advanced English speakers! But we use prepositions every day, like in, to, at, on and from. Let's try to understand some basic prepositions.
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succeed when speaking english

5 Ways to Succeed When Speaking English

Most English learners love speaking, but a lot of people are terrified when they have to speak in a formal way. Unfortunately, most of us need to speak formally to
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use so in english

4 Ways to Use the Word “SO” in your English Vocabulary

On our Facebook page, we posted an interesting sentence: How do you use so in English? What's the answer? Well... You can use the English word "so" in 4 different
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Quick English: The Pronouns for People

The first step in speaking English is using pronouns. These are words we use to talk about people. There are 7 pronouns altogether: (Right-click the picture to download it for free)
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