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Practice the skills you need to pass your important Cambridge Advanced exam. Free authentic tests help you practice Reading, Listening and Use of English when you want.
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cae use of english part 1

The Trouble with Working in a Bank (CAE Use of English Part 1)

Working in a bank can cause serious problems, as we learn in our short Advanced English grammar & vocabulary test. This exercise is perfect practice if you are looking for a
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business english idioms

Business English idioms – 7 New Words

Meetings can be strange .People talk for a long time, there can be a lot of unnecessary information - and conference calls? Forget about them. Even for native English speakers,
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practice cae use of english part 4

Business Idioms – Practice CAE Use of English Part 4

Our Quick English section features an informative post on English idioms which are often used in business. Here, you can test these idioms whilst doing an exercise which prepares students for
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CAE Reading Part 6 practice test: Online Advertising

If you need to practice your CAE Reading skills, then you've come to the right place! English42 specialises in online practice tests for CAE. Here, you will find a CAE Reading
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practice cae listening part 4

Practice CAE Listening Part 4: The Best Advice

Practice CAE (advanced English) Listening for free at English42. In part 4, we must listen to 5 people speaking individually, and answer 10 difficult questions about what they say. Today,
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Building complex sentences

Some time ago, we posted an interesting question on our Facebook page. Take a look and see if you can complete the short exercise. (answers are below) Here are the
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cae reading part 6

CAE Reading Part 6 practice: Tabby’s Star

CAE students - this is a perfect way to prepare for CAE Reading Part 6! (You can download a free paper copy here) You can read 4 Academics' opinions on
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succeed when speaking english

5 Ways to Succeed When Speaking English

Most English learners love speaking, but a lot of people are terrified when they have to speak in a formal way. Unfortunately, most of us need to speak formally to
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English reading skills

Unlocking English: Reading Skills (skimming)

Let us give you a secret about reading in English… English reading skills: skimming When most English speakers see a newspaper article, an email or another long text, they will
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What’s That Word? A Vocabulary Quiz

It happens to us every day: we can't remember that English word which we need! On our Facebook page, we gave some advice about this: <br /> Here, we're going
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practice cae listening part 2

Practice CAE Listening Part 2: Different Greetings

How do we greet people around the world? Do people say “hello” differently in your country than in an English-speaking country? Today, test your advanced English with our free listening quiz
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english reading skills

Unlocking English: Reading skills (scanning)

Reading in English. Many people dislike it. Some love it. Everyone agrees that it's hard work. But sometimes we need it - whether you're reading a message from a friend, analysing business documents in English,
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