Meetings can be strange .People talk for a long time, there can be a lot of unnecessary information – and conference calls? Forget about them. Even for native English speakers, meetings are strange situations. For non-native speakers, the language can be strange too, especially if you hear one of the Business English idioms which we often use.

7NewWords – Business English idioms

In our #7NewWords series, we will try to help explain some of these strange phrases which we often hear in Business English (and we’ll give a quiz later for CAE students to try.)

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business english idioms

Test your Business English idioms

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Knowing idioms is one thing; it’s just as important to use them. Luckily, English42 can help! Whether you’re a business English learner or a student of the Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) you can go to our free interactive quiz and try to  use these idioms in natural sentences (as well as practicing your vocabulary and advanced grammar).
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Learn more idioms

Idioms are everywhere in the English language, and learning an idiom regularly is a great way to increase your understanding of English – and sound like a real natural speaker! With some themes, we can group together many idioms. For example:

transport (burn your bridges, turn a corner)
Click here to improve your English vocabulary with more free transport-related idioms

sports (strike out, neck-and-neck)
Click here for more sport-related idioms

the body (break a leg, have a heart-to-heart)

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