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business english idioms

Business English idioms with “pocket”

Welcome to today's Quick English post, where we will discover 4 new business English idioms and help you improve your vocabulary, making you sound more like a natural English speaker.
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business english idioms

Business English idioms – 7 New Words

Meetings can be strange .People talk for a long time, there can be a lot of unnecessary information - and conference calls? Forget about them. Even for native English speakers,
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practice cae use of english part 4

Business Idioms – Practice CAE Use of English Part 4

Our Quick English section features an informative post on English idioms which are often used in business. Here, you can test these idioms whilst doing an exercise which prepares students for
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CAE Reading Part 6 practice test: Online Advertising

If you need to practice your CAE Reading skills, then you've come to the right place! English42 specialises in online practice tests for CAE. Here, you will find a CAE Reading
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Using “a”, “an” & “the”: articles, English grammar and computers

Words like "a", "an" and "the" are called articles in English. They can be very difficult for some students. If you're from a country that speaks Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Korean
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IELTS Listening Part 4

IELTS Listening Part 4: The Knights Templar & Finance

A free practice test for IELTS and Business English learners. Test yourself for IELTS Listening exam Part 4. Improve your Business English vocabulary with our free interactive quiz.
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ielts reading sample

Raoul Wallenberg: A Lost Hero (IELTS Reading sample)

The fascinating story of a secret hero who saved thousands of people - and then disappeared in history. Learn about Raoul Wallenberg in this IELTS Reading sample text. Practice your
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fce reading practice

FCE Reading practice (Part 5) – “Politputze”

Welcome to English42's newest FCE Reading practice exercise. Here, you can test your FCE Reading skills for free and find lots more FCE Reading practice tests! In our Heroes collection
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practice english reading skills

Practice English Reading skills: The White Helmets in Syria

This is a text for students to practice English reading skills. It is part of our Heroes Series, where you can discover the stories of ordinary people who are improving
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past tense in english

Using the past tense in English

Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing: they can all be difficult in English. To be a good English communicator, you must to all 4 of them. And you in all 4 of
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fce reading part 7 practice

Why Don’t Women Code? (FCE Reading Part 7 Practice)

This is an activity for FCE Reading Part 7 practice - but it's important reading for anyone who is studying English, is interested in computers, or in gender equality!  At
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CAE Reading Part 7

CAE Reading Part 7 – succeed with the chain method

Reading in an CAE exam is a scary exercise. There are many things to remember, and sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. However, CAE Reading Part 7 is different. There is a simple way to
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