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Welcome to the top level of English! Come here for natural-sounding English – and challenging games! 
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Free IELTS Listening Lesson – The 3 Cs

Free IELTS Listening lesson - The 3 Cs If you're new to IELTS, or you want to improve your Listening skills, this free IELTS Listening lesson is a great place
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Using the comma in English – a Quick English guide

English is difficult (and weird) - and English writing is especially difficult. Using the comma in English can be especially difficult for English speakers and for English learners. In our
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ielts writing task 1

IELTS Writing Task 1: How to Succeed

One test. 150 words, 20 minutes: the IELTS Writing Task 1 test is not only difficult, but very important for you. How can you do the best you can, and
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ielts listening practice part 4

Who Discovered America? (IELTS Listening practice Part 4)

This is an IELTS Listening practice Part 4 test, which can be interesting and available for all English language learners, from Intermediate and above. The text and the sample IELTS
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ielts reading sample

Raoul Wallenberg: A Lost Hero (IELTS Reading sample)

The fascinating story of a secret hero who saved thousands of people - and then disappeared in history. Learn about Raoul Wallenberg in this IELTS Reading sample text. Practice your
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podcasts for english learning

Podcasts for English Learning: The Top 5

When it comes to improving your English, there's nothing better than listening to the language in real life. Podcasts are perfect for this, and today we will tell you about
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ielts writing part 1 vocabulary

IELTS Writing Part 1 Vocabulary: Describing a Graph

There are many ways to improve your IELTS score, but vocabulary is probably the most important. However, it's also the most difficult. How can you learn all of the words
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Funniest Cards Against Humanity combinations

At English42 we are great lovers of how language works - especially, of course, English. So we spend a lot of time showing our students how sentences are made. Basically,
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ielts writing part 1 sample answer

IELTS Writing Part 1 sample answer – How to Get 9.0

Welcome to English42's IELTS Writing tutorial! Here, you can find an IELTS Writing Part 1 sample answer, and understand why it deserves a score of 9.0. After this, you can
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practice english reading skills

Practice English Reading skills: The White Helmets in Syria

This is a text for students to practice English reading skills. It is part of our Heroes Series, where you can discover the stories of ordinary people who are improving
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English Idioms: 4 Winter Idioms to warm you up

When the cold weather arrives, all you want to do is put on some warm clothes and stay inside. But we have been inspired! Today, in the middle of our winter, we
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future tense in english

Using the future tense in English

In our newest Quick English video lesson, we teach a very important subject: how to use the future tense in English. Why is this so important? The future tense is
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