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On English42, you can learn English online with free lessons and quizzes, and professional 1-to-1 help. With professional, experienced staff and a student-centered philosophy, English42 is truly The Home of Online English.
Test your English skills with our Reading and Listening quizzes, and improve your English with our lessons and Quick English section. We can help you to prepare for English exams online, like IELTS or a Cambridge FCE or CAE exam.  We also help professionals to improve Business English with quizzes and lessons. We provide 1-to-1 Writing and Speaking services for all students, especially business-English users and exam takers.
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Why Choose English42?

English is Worldwide

We believe in global good, a world where everyone can succeed and enjoy their lives. 
We know that many people need a little English to do this. 
At English42, we help people to understand English so they can work, travel, communicate and enjoy the world around them. 
We want to improve the world by empowering people to improve it with language.

Power & Confidence

Our main job is to give power to learners. In our online classroom, we help learners to learn English online, and therefore to feel confident and responsible. Grammar and vocabulary are our tools, and speaking, listening, reading and writing are our activities. Our job, though, is to help learners believe that they can communicate confidently and fluently as they live, work, study and travel.

Your English, your way

We believe in giving you the power to study the English that you want. English is made up of many parts and it is used in many different ways. One class does not fit everyone. At English42, we give our students the English they need to succeed and enjoy their lives. For some people, this is a little English every day, and for other people it’s intensive study for an exam. Others simply want to check if their English is okay. We work hard to give everyone the English that they want and need.

The internet has changed our lives

English42 is based in Dublin (the Republic of Ireland) and London. We are a very international company. We have students from all around the world, especially Europe, Russia and South America, but we love hearing from people in new countries.

On social media, English42 posts regular advice, jokes and links about learning English every day. Join and be part of our community!

Who is in English42?




Teacher / Founder

Simon set up English42 in 2013 as a way to change his life and to change the way the world learns English.

As a teacher, he has extensive experience, and specialises in Business English and exams such as IELTS and Cambridge exams.

Before this, he had worked in advertising in Dublin and London, but he left this job to start teaching English in a small city in South Korea. Moving back to a school in London in 2009, he continued teaching but also trained and worked in IT, marketing and project management.

Simon loves learning about the world, especially from his students. He loves telling terrible jokes. He says that English is his number-two love in life, with music as his number one. So, he can often be found with a pair of headphones or at a loud rock concert in Dublin.



Marketing Executive

Lady is from Venezuela. She has a vast background leading online marketing and social media strategies for NGOs and digital media agencies.

She decided to leave home and study English at Emerald Cultural Institute in 2013 when she met Simon and fell in love with his project.

She’s been part of the English42 team since the beginning and is currently based in Dublin, Ireland, working hard to improve English42’s social media awareness and organic position. 

Lady practices yoga on a daily basis and enjoys spending time outdoors with her dog Google (yes, that’s his name!). She recently launched her own organic clothing brand for women; this project aims to support sustainability in the world and encourage people to practice yoga and mindfulness as much as possible. You can visit her website at Yoagirl.com to find out more.

We offer a number of products to Improve your English with 1 to 1 speaking lessons and paper correction.


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