When we’re learning a foreign language, our own language often gets in the way. New sounds and grammar can cause problems all the time – especially with a language which is as tough and weird as English! Today, we’ll show you 3 mistakes Spanish speakers make in English – and we’ll show you simple ways to overcome these mistakes.

Mistakes Spanish Speakers Make in English

Since 2013, we have been teaching online 1-to-1 English lessons. In these lessons, we have had the pleasure of teaching many Spanish-speaking students.
These students have come from many different countries: Mexico, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina and of course Spain itself. But, no matter where they come from, most of these students were making the same mistakes, and it often caused them problems – in general speaking, in business English and even exams like IELTS. Not anymore! With a little help from our teachers, and their own hard work, the students became fluent and clear speakers.

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Want to know the secret? Simon is English42 founder and an English speaker with 10 years’ experience teaching. Now, he’s here to give you a couple of secrets to fixing these problems. Enjoy!

Tongue Twisters: Listen, Repeat and Improve

Want to practice the tongue twisters involved in today’s video? Here’s the first:

Spain is especially special in the summer season.

And the second:

Every year, jokers join the young jumping Yankees.

Tongue twisters are a great way to improve your Speaking. To practice more plus learn more about English sentence structure, scroll down to our Related Posts.

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Simon teaches 1-to-1 online English lessons in IELTS, business English, general English and other English exams.
He is a native-English speaker with 10 years’ experience and professional teaching credentials.
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About Simon

Simon set up English42 in 2013, after teaching English around the world. He lives in Dublin, where he spends his time teaching exams like IELTS, as well as business English and English speaking. When he’s not teaching, he listens to music and tells terrible jokes.

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